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Ohhhh lace precious lace...

You're engaged! You're promised, you're betrothed! You have your ring, your love for life

and possibly your dress! Now its time to find that veil, or hair accessory to complete your look!

Should you use a similar lace to your dress? Do you have lace in your dress? Will it be too much?

Is there a family heirloom you can use? These are the questions that arise in your already cluttered

wedding brained mind. Some brides to be find their veils or headpieces first but, for many your wedding

dress is first on the must do list! The right lace to suit you! Your individual style, or taste whatever it may be. Will you have a destination wedding? Will it be someplace special between you two or some place familiar with significant meaning. Wherever you decide to say your I do's your dress plays a very important role! Will it be made with thicker Alencon lace? Will be a light and airy Chantilly lace? Will it be the ever so trendy but comfortable embroidered lace? Keep in mind you'll most likely be wearing it for a reasonably long period of time. Think of the climate, photo shoot, your overall comfort, and most importantly your dreams.

Some brides will have no problem mixing laces from their gowns to veil to headpiece, Some would just prefer a very similar lace to match their dress. Others skip lace all together or use very minimal amount in their bridal look. Whichever bridal lace you decide to choose. Velvet Owl Bridal is committed to ensuring you're completely in love with your bridal accessory. We stock hundreds of lace samples from all across the world. We are positive we'll find a match to fulfill your bridal dreams!

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