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A New Golden Age Is Here

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Whether you're into gilded crowns, bridal pins, bridal combs, or speckled golden veils.

VO bridal has something perfect to suit your little golden dreams.

Welcome to the long awaited VO bridal blog spot! We're are crazy excited to introduce the 2020

VO collection to you! Here you'll find the first updates and the first real time 2020 collection releases.

“ Don't be afraid to express your own unique style. This is a special time in the bridal world. Where truly almost anything goes. Floral crowns, birdcage veils, long mantilla veils, cathedral veils, golden crowns, and intricate crystal headpieces all play a part in this truly awesome OWN it and rock it bridal fashion period.”
- Tina L. Maeder

Coming soon... All the beautiful shades of NUDE

Autumn and Winter Brides

Calling all Autumn and Winter brides! Having your wedding in Autumn or Winter is such a specific choice. I've worked with thousands of soon to be brides with such incredibly creative and truly imaginative ideas. Working together on your custom dream piece is what I love most about my work! There's nothing more rewarding, motivating or inspiring than to work with a soon to be bride on her bridal accessory vision. There are definitely parts of the VO collection that are pieces from another idea that came from a custom order. So please if you have an idea or a few details that you would like put together, I would LOVE to be the bridal designer to make those dreams come true! (#customveil #bridaldesign #bespokeveil #bespokewedding #bridalheadpieces #weddingveils #bridalveils )

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