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Founded in 2009 Velvet Owl Bridal is a small design studio focused on
creating truly one of kind pieces with extraordinary attention to detail
and perfecting millinery craftsmanship. Owner and designer Tina Mader
takes incredible pride in each and every piece. She personally creates these 

hand crafted pieces to ensure fine quality only a small boutique can achieve.

Tina Mader started producing art at a very young age which evolved into

a lifelong love for creation. Her background in Illustration, Photography, 

Fine Art contemporary figurative painting, and an MFA degree in Graphic Design.

Lastly, Tina studied millinery and bridal couture extensively while living in Germany

with her husband and young family.

Textile art especially in the bridal world is so open and full of wondrous possibilities.

The fashion tides change so quickly and suddenly theres something new to create and grasp onto.


                                                                                                                                                   -Tina Mader


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